HGH Deficiency TestingBefore you begin any hormone replacement therapy, you want to ensure that it is what your body requires. Hormone levels that are out of balance can influence the production of other hormones, creating a spiraling effect in your body. If you have any concerns about growth hormone decline, you must first undergo HGH deficiency testing in Dallas, TX, before a doctor will prescribe HGH therapy.

Human growth hormone deficiency also goes by another name – somatopause. HGH deficiency occurs when the pituitary gland’s output of growth hormone cannot keep up with the body’s demand. Growth hormone production is at its highest point during puberty, and then, by a person’s mid-twenties, it begins to decline.

The decrease in HGH levels as you age is a normal part of life. However, it is the speed at which the decline occurs, and how the body adjusts to it, that can differ from one person to the next.

Growth hormone receptors are on tissues throughout the body and the brain. These receptor cells help stimulate cell reproduction, metabolism, brain functions, and more. When the cells do not receive enough growth hormone, they cannot perform their actions and a deficiency occurs. The body will then begin to suffer from symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. HGH deficiency testing determines if the body is producing enough growth hormone or whether supplementation is necessary.

*HGH deficiency testing is necessary before a doctor can prescribe HGH therapy.

What Is Involved In HGH Deficiency Testing?

The process of HGH deficiency testing is fairly straightforward at our Dallas hormone clinic. Each person undergoes the following steps:

  • A consultation with a medical advisor – we offer this service over-the-phone at no charge to our clients. Rather than wasting time in a waiting room, you can speak with an advisor when it is convenient for you. During this consultation, you will discuss your symptoms, health concerns, and ask any questions you have.
  • Blood testing at a local laboratory – each person will undergo a comprehensive set of blood tests to rule out more serious health issues and assess critical hormone levels.
  • A physical examination with your choice of doctor – the exam can be with your primary care physician, at a local walk-in clinic, or a doctor we can arrange for you.
  • Completion of a health history questionnaire – this online form provides the hormone specialist with a complete look at your current and prior health issues, treatments you have received, medications you have or are taking, as well as over-the-counter supplements you take.

Upon completion of these steps in the HGH deficiency testing process, the hormone specialist will review the results and determine if treatment for growth hormone deficiency is necessary.

*The HGH deficiency testing consists of consultation, blood analysis, examination, and a thorough medical history review.

How Do I Arrange for HGH Deficiency Testing?

All it takes to get started with your HGH deficiency testing is a call to our hormone clinic. You can also complete the short form on this page and one of our clinical advisors will contact you by phone.

Is it better to contact your HGH clinic by phone or go visit a local hormone specialist in the office?

The answer to this is a matter of personal preference. Some people like the ability to sit down and meet with a doctor in person, even if the visit seems rushed – as so many of them do these days. If that is the case for you, give us a call and we can help get you to the right specialist.

Others like the privacy and confidentiality associated with telephone consultations. Saving money and time are added benefits.

Whichever way you prefer, our HGH clinic in Dallas, TX can help you get the HGH deficiency testing you need so you can begin human growth hormone therapy.