Dallas HGH therapy prescriptionGetting an HGH prescription in Dallas, TX, does not have to mean going to your primary care physician first to ask for a referral to a specialist. That can be a costly and time-consuming process. Our HGH clinic in Dallas simplifies the process so that you can go right to the source – a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialist, to receive immediate testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

A prescription for HGH therapy is required before human growth hormone injections can be purchased legally in the US. A person must have a verifiable need for this treatment before receiving an HGH prescription.

In the sections below, we will outline the steps for getting an HGH prescription in Dallas, Texas. Please know this, if you are looking to buy human growth hormone injections for any purpose other than the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency, we do not provide those prescriptions. The use of HGH for sports enhancement or bodybuilding is illegal, and not a practice we recommend due to severe health risks.

*Our hormone clinic provides an HGH prescription to adults in Dallas, TX, who have a verified and diagnosed growth hormone deficiency.

Why Do Adults Need a Prescription for HGH Therapy in Dallas, TX?

All hormone levels have their ideal range in the body. When any of these hormones become deficient or elevated, they can cause significant symptoms and health problems. The balancing of hormone levels requires a doctor experienced in HRT. An HGH prescription is necessary because human growth hormones are sold only by licensed pharmacies in Dallas, not in health food or vitamin stores. They are not over-the-counter supplements like vitamins. All pharmaceutical hormone treatments require a prescription.

Products advertised as HGH that do not require an HGH prescription do not contain real human growth hormones. Pills, drops, capsules, lotions, and other so-called “HGH” items advertise themselves as “boosters” or “releasers.” They do not directly increase HGH levels in the bloodstream. Do not be misled into buying something that is not real HGH.

*All hormones, including HGH, require a prescription to ensure proper hormonal balance in the body.

What Are the Steps to Getting an HGH Prescription in Dallas, TX?

Because HGH therapy for adults is rarely covered by insurance, except in certain medical situations, many people want to skip the entire referral process. Our HGH clinic in Dallas, Texas, provides the following streamlined steps to help residents obtain an HGH prescription:

  • Consultation by telephone: rather than lengthy and expensive visits to a doctor’s office, clients in Dallas can call our hormone clinic for a free, confidential telephone consultation.
  • Completion of medical forms: we provide an online link to the required health history questionnaire that the hormone doctor will review during the diagnostic process.
  • Physical examination: each person must provide a recent physical exam report. Any local doctor can complete this report and forward it to our clinic. Our clinicians will provide the necessary information for the completion of this step.
  • Blood analysis: measurement of blood hormone levels is the essential diagnostic tool used by HRT specialists to determine who qualifies for an HGH prescription. Blood testing also checks other critical blood levels to rule out any health concerns that could be responsible for the reported symptoms. The blood sample collection takes place at a local laboratory, first thing in the morning while fasting for accurate results.

Following the completion of these steps, the HRT doctor reviews all results to determine if growth hormone deficiency is a concern. If so, a prescription for HGH therapy is provided, and the brand and style of HGH injections are selected during a follow-up consultation.