HGH Deficiency TreatmentBy the time most adults reach age forty, their human growth hormone levels have been in decline for more than a decade. For some, the change is negligent and causes no issues. Unfortunately, other men and women find themselves suffering from HGH deficiency. Treatment in Dallas, TX, is only a phone call away for those with symptoms of adult growth hormone deficiency.

Hormone replacement therapy is a natural medical treatment. Many of the body’s hormone levels decline as we age. Although more people are familiar with testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone therapies, it is bioidentical HGH deficiency treatment that may offer the most benefit.

If HGH is so crucial for the body, why don’t more doctors prescribe it to their patients?

Only a hormone specialist should engage in the balancing of growth hormone levels. Hormone replacement therapy is a specialized medicine. A doctor needs to have advanced training in this field so as not to do more damage to other hormone levels that are influenced by HGH. When you balance one hormone, it will often affect others. Most general practice physicians are unfamiliar with adult growth hormone deficiency symptoms and treatment.

*HGH deficiency treatment in Dallas, TX, provides the body with a supplemental supply of human growth hormones to make up for what the pituitary gland no longer produces.

Who Can Benefit from HGH Deficiency Treatment in Dallas, TX?

Any man or woman whose pituitary gland no longer supplies enough growth hormone to meet the body’s needs can benefit from HGH deficiency treatment in Dallas. You will be able to recognize HGH deficiency by the many symptoms associated with a lack of human growth hormones, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Fat retention
  • Muscle and bone loss
  • Aging skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Frequent or longer-lasting illness
  • Brain fog, forgetfulness, and poor focus
  • Low libido and sexual decline
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Depression and mood changes

These are only some of the many symptoms of HGH deficiency that can benefit from receipt of human growth hormone therapy. Upon diagnosis, an adult can receive HGH deficiency treatment from our hormone clinic in Dallas, Texas.

*Adults should seek the diagnosis of HGH deficiency and its treatment if they exhibit any of the symptoms listed above.

What Are the Options for HGH Deficiency Treatment in Dallas, TX?

HGH deficiency treatment is customized for each person and depends on the level of growth hormone decline as well as the severity of the symptoms. Peptide treatments such as ipamorelin and sermorelin are recommended for use in the early stages of growth hormone decline before any symptoms become severe. HGH injection therapy is the better choice later on when symptoms are widespread or interfere with quality of life.

What is the difference between these treatments for HGH deficiency?

Here is some further clarification about HGH deficiency treatments:

  • Human growth hormone injections: HGH shots contain the same 191 amino acids as pituitary growth hormone. Because they are bioidentical to natural HGH, the medication goes right to use in the bloodstream binding with HGH receptors to initiate their actions. Results occur quickly with HGH therapy.
  • Sermorelin and ipamorelin injections: although their actions are a bit different, their results are similar – the increase of natural growth hormone production. These medications are peptide secretagogues, promoting the additional release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. The results take a few months to appear.

*HGH deficiency treatment depends on the level of growth hormone decline and the severity of the symptoms.

How Do I Get HGH Deficiency Treatment in Dallas, TX?

Our hormone clinic in Dallas, TX, offers free consultations by telephone to discuss HGH deficiency treatment options. We provide quick, reliable diagnostic testing at local facilities. Men and women receive confidential, customized hormone replacement therapy treatments designed for optimal wellness and improved quality of life.