HGH MedicationsMany adults who contact our HGH clinic in Dallas, TX, after searching for medications that treat growth hormone deficiency online, have lots of questions. We know the search can be confusing. You may read about HGH injections, pills, pellets, sprays, lotions, and capsules. There are ipamorelin and sermorelin shots that boost HGH production. The terms “releasors” and “boosters” are often mentioned. Then there are the websites that make unrealistic promises or tell you to come to their clinics in other countries to receive your HGH medications.

We are here to help you discover the truth about ipamorelin, sermorelin, and HGH shots. Dallas residents do not need to cross the border to Mexico or fly to Panama or Costa Rica to get legitimate and effective HGH medications. If you have adult growth hormone deficiency, our local diagnostic testing will provide the information needed to prescribe you the proper treatment.

Do not buy HGH medications online without a prescription. Doing so is illegal, and could wind up with you in jail, paying hefty fines, or even in the hospital from receipt of counterfeit and dangerous products. You also leave yourself open to identity theft and other fraudulent practices by making illegal pharmaceutical purchased from unregulated websites.

*You need a prescription before you can legally buy one of the recommended medications that treat adult growth hormone deficiency.

HGH Shots – When Are Human Growth Hormone Injections the Best Choice?

The most commonly prescribed medications to treat adult growth hormone deficiency are HGH shots. Dallas men and women who can benefit from HGH injections are those who suffer from symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. These symptoms typically include fatigue, low libido, muscle and bone loss, weight gain, sagging skin, thinning hair, high cholesterol, and forgetfulness. That is only a partial list of low GH symptoms.

After confirming growth hormone deficiency through blood analysis, the hormone specialist will prescribe one of the following HGH medications:

  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz
  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Saizen by EMD Serono
  • Zomacton by Ferring

These HGH medications are all injectables; however, there are options for how you inject the different brands of human growth hormones:

  1. Standard vials containing lyophilized (freeze-dried) HGH powder that you reconstitute with a diluent before use. Insulin syringes with their small needles, inject the HGH medication under the abdominal skin for absorption into the bloodstream.
  2. Prefilled and disposable single-dose syringes are an excellent choice for travelers.
  3. HGH injector pens come in different styles, some with replaceable cartridges and others as all-in-one units.

Real HGH is only in the form of an injectable – do not be fooled by any other products on the market that claim to be HGH.

Ipamorelin and Sermorelin: Medications That Boost HGH Production

Unlike HGH injections that immediately increase the amount of growth hormone in the bloodstream, ipamorelin and sermorelin are medications that slowly increase HGH production. These peptides act as secretagogues, stimulating the release of growth hormone from the somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland.

While HGH therapy is the best option for people dealing with very low growth hormone levels and many symptoms associated with the deficiency, these two secretagogue medications are the better choice for people who are at the beginning of their GH decline. They are slower-acting treatments as they work behind the scenes rather than directly supplying HGH into the body.

Although all doctor-prescribed HGH-increasing medications are safe, the risk of side effects is even lower with ipamorelin and sermorelin. Only the hormone specialist can determine which treatment option is the best choice based on need and blood test results.

For more information about HGH medications in Dallas, TX, please contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation.