HGH therapy priceMultiple factors go into determining specific HGH therapy prices. You may come across websites that publish prices that do not include the necessary supplies, such as the needles, syringes, alcohol prep wipes, diluents, and Sharps container for needle disposal. These supplies can increase your out-of-pocket expenses when not included.

Also, be forewarned about buying HGH injections from illegal websites – the ones that do not require a doctor’s prescription. These companies are located in other countries, and what you pay for may not be what you receive. Counterfeit medications could harm more than your bank account – they could damage your health.

To determine your specific HGH therapy Dallas cost, we will first need to ascertain the following:

  • How much HGH the hormone doctor prescribes based on your body’s needs
  • Which brand of HGH medication you prefer (we prescribe only the highest-quality medications)
  • The style of HGH injectable you desire

*Determining factors for HGH therapy prices in Dallas, TX include HGH dosage, brand, and injector style.

A Look At Some Average HGH Therapy Prices in Dallas, TX

There was a time when adults could expect to pay well over $10,000 per month for HGH injections. That time has come and gone now that multiple reputable pharmaceutical companies produce human growth hormones.

Please be wary of advertisements for low HGH therapy prices in Dallas, TX. When a company sells HGH lower than its competitors, you must be cautious as it often means the products are counterfeit, expired, diluted, or switched with lesser quality or entirely different medications. The only safe place to buy HGH injections is from a licensed US pharmacy.

The prices for HGH medications listed below provide a general idea of costs – not an actual quote of your treatment expenses. Although the average person will pay between $600 and $1,500 per month, some will find their cost even lower than that.

Here are some of the average prices for HGH therapy in Dallas:

  • Norditropin FlexPro Pens range between $1,075 and $2,760
  • Humatrope vials start around $1,000 with HumatroPen injectors as high as $5,700
  • Genotropin MiniQuick single-dose syringes run from $350 – $3,800
  • Omnitrope vials cost slightly under $500

Again, these are average prices for HGH therapy, and with pharmaceutical company programs, many people will pay even less.

*The average person will pay between $600 and $1,500 per month, but some will find their costs for HGH therapy even lower.

How to Lower HGH Therapy Prices in Dallas, TX

The best way to lower your overall HGH therapy Dallas cost begins by cutting out the higher hormone specialist fees associated with office visits. Our HGH clinic in Dallas offers free, confidential consultations by phone to accomplish this goal.

Next, our prearranged blood test prices also lower the overall cost of HGH treatment in Dallas. Finally, our clinical advisors work with you to get you the best possible HGH therapy prices by looking at all options and pharmaceutical programs.